August 31

Transformative Leadership: Embracing Your Inner Source Code For Sustained Growth

You already have everything you need to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

But how to tap into this psycho-physical-spiritual energy?

The intersection of mysticism and science

The mystic side of me recalls Thomas Troward’s essay on mental science, “The Hidden Power,” from the early 1900s, referring to the code of life. 

The scientist side of me thinks about the human genetic code, and one of the most fascinating aspects for me is embryology, the study of human development. 

From a single cell, we develop into many through a precise process through our blueprint of genetic programming.

The secret lies in learning how to rewire this programming within you. This is the heart of the inner healing intelligence available to every human being. I’ve seen and experienced it firsthand.

Unforgettable healing stories

In the early 2000s, I had the privilege of working with patients who were stamped with a deadline by their prognosis, either end-stage cancer or lifelong chronic illness. 

Using the principles of medical qigong, energy healing, psychospiritual practices, and lifestyle modifications, we extended some of those deadlines, and some experienced remission through spontaneous healing. 

Years of evidence and witnessing these spontaneous healing phenomena inspired me to deeply explore consciousness medicine and healing through self-actualization. 

Over three decades of this work and discreetly witnessing self-healing phenomena, I came to the conclusion that each one of us is connected to an innate intelligence, which I refer to as “the source.” 

Reconnecting with your source code

When we allow, surrender, and tune in to reconnect with the source code, we can experience the natural process of self-restoration, provided with the right environment to support the process. 

This allows us to access our inner intelligence, reset our operating system, clear all unprocessed information and experiences, and ultimately experience rebirth.

There are many tools to access our inner intelligence for the healing process. 

From my own personal experience, I have meditated for 21 days in absolute darkness, participated in indigenous psychoactive plant ceremonies, and discovered that beneath the surface of our everyday lives lies a profound reservoir of wisdom and intelligent, intricate mechanisms that allow our bodies, minds, and spirits to restore themselves. 

Personal transformation through inner guidance

This inner code of life opens up a realm of possibilities for personal transformation. 

Trusting this inner guidance requires a leap of faith, as it may challenge our preconceived notions or societal expectations. 

Yet, when we surrender to the wisdom within, we unlock the potential to manifest profound changes in our lives.


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