Books by Dr. Aimon

Explore these groundbreaking works by Dr. Aimon, a leader in innovative global health and wellness initiatives and an expert in the awakening of human consciousness.

THE CURRENCY OF GRATITUDE: Be in the State of Mind that Amplifies your Abundance

Bringing together DNA research, quantum theory, and personal mystical experience, Dr. Aimon explains how we can see ourselves and our bodies as a dynamic energy system and tune ourselves to higher states of gratitude—the vibration of abundance.

CANNABIS CONSCIOUSNESS: The Siam Legend for Health, Wealth and Wisdom

As extraordinary as it seems, there is a plant that has the ability to provide physical comfort, nourishment, medicine, shelter, clothing – and the power to positively affect our imagination and consciousness. Cannabis has brought these gifts to humanity for millennia only to be prohibited, obscured, and demonized over the past century. Get to know cannabinoid medicine and how to use it to optimize your health and consciousness.

CRACK YOUR GENOMICS CODE : Tonify Your Mind & Body’s DNA

At the beginning of life, we came from a single cell which contain the entire genetic codes that can develop to the complexity of the brain, amazing physiology of the heart, and all other organs structure and function of our physical being. What if you have the power to recreate your own genomics code, what would you love to do in life. How long would you love to live? Dr. Aimon introduces the reader to the intriguing scientific information and personal story to create healthy epigenome.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams—the life you absolutely love.

We have our being in a universal power that lives, moves, and breathes as you and me. Now is the time to engage with it and allow it to elevate your entire life experience.